Cat Bi International Airport, Hai phong International Airport, Catbi Airport, Haiphong Airport
 Cat Bi International Airport  Cat Bi International Airport   Cat Bi International Airport


Cat Bi International Airport (HPH)                                                                                    Hai Phong Airport Taxi
Cat Bi Airport, Catbi Airport / Haiphong Airport / Hai Phong Airport (HPH) in Vietnam (Viet Nam). Cat Bi Airport, also spelled Catbi Airport and also called Haiphong Airport, is located in the vicinity of Hai Phong in Vietnam (Viet Nam). HPH airport.


Airport Characteristics
Lat/Long: 20.819386 N / 106.724989 E
Elevation: 6 feet (2 meters)
Location: Near Hai Phong, Vietnam (Viet Nam)
Time Zone: UTC+7
Max Runway: 7880 x 164 feet (2402 x 50 meters)
Surface: ASPHALT

Cat Bi Road
Cat Bi road, stretching from the slope of Rao bridge running along Cat Bi ward to an army camp, is 1,480m long and 6-8m wide.Cat Bi airport was built in three years (1936-1939). Between 1948 - 1949, the French army drove away all villagers here and in nearby villages to widen the airport. Originally, the road was the main route in the logistics area of the airport. Due to this, gradually people normally call it Cat Bi airport road, others call it Airport road or just Cat Bi road

It is not known when the demarcation of Cat Bi was defined. However, the Dai Viet history summary of the Tran dynasty reads in part about this area: 'In the Year of the Dog, Long Thuy Thai Binh the fifth (1058) ... Autumn, September, the king went to Ba Lo seafront, and out of a sudden impulse, dropped in the area in which Do Son tower is located'. A translator noted that Ba Lo seaport must be part of Do Son (Lach Tray estuary). In the book Names of villages and communes of Vietnam in early 19th century by the Han Nom (Chinese Vietnamese) Research Institute says Cat Bi commune belonged to Truc Cat, An Duong, Kinh Mon, Hai Duong town.

After Haiphong was taken over by Vietnamese communists, the airport was put under the control of the army, and the deserted land left by the people displaced by the French to get space to widen the airport defence area was assigned to Thanh To farm. The land near Rao bridge was used as a residential area. After the U.S of America had to sign a ceasefire agreement in Paris in 1973, faced with the fact that the houses in Haiphong were seriously destroyed, the local government ordered immediate construction of tent houses for the people. Part of the cost was covered by the city government, the remaining part by rural districts. Some houses were made with the assistance from Japan. In the early days, the houses were built only along the old airport road, but gradually construction expanded too as far as the present day T area. The starting section near Rao bridge dates back to 19th century. Some French tycoons opened an Anbuymin factory and a soap factory in this street. Makeshift hostels as well as Japanese-built houses have now been replaced with semi-solid and solid houses built by the residents and companies with their own budget.


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