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Hanoi Parks

Thong Nhat Park (old name: Lenin Park)
Covering an area of more than 50ha, this park is one of the most spacious green areas in the city. In the park, there is a 7ha lake with Hoa Binh Island at the centre, which is a meeting place for storks and a recreational park where chess competitions and poem recitations are held. There is a playground for children with swings, trains, planes, etc.
The park is open daily from early in the morning to late at night. Entrance costs 2,OOOVND.

Thu Le Zoo
Situated west of the city and occupying an area of about 20ha, Thu Le Zoo is built in the shape of a flying dragon. It is divided into many sections, including reptiles, birds. wild animals, etc. Approximately 40 different species of animals inscribed in the Red Book of Vietnam and given by foreign countries can also be seen at the zoo. Thu Le Zoo is already a member of the SEAZA (South East Asia Zoo Association) and has relations with more than 30 zoos throughout the world. There are two gates to the zoo, one is on Kirn Ma St., and the other is on Buoi Road. Entrance ticket costs 2.000VND. It is open everyday from 7am to 5pm.

Ho Tay Water Park
The Ho Tay Water Park covers an area of 35,560m2, comprising five entertainment sections. The first phase of its construction was completed on 19 May 2000, putting into operation several entertainment amenities. Among them are seven sliding lanes with the average height of 12m, of which two are high-speed lanes ever installed in Vietnam with the height of 14.5m; a three-meter wave-making pool can bring about waves as high as 1.2m. Adventurers should not miss out on the Tibetan suspension bridge, the hair-raising swinging ropes, and the 3.5-meter diving pool where they can dive using specific devices or spring-boards. The 0.6-meter massage pool ensures a relaxed feeling. Children can go to specially-designed pools, sliding lanes and water games. The 4.5-meter ."lazy river" spans 450m, flowing past five bridges.

The Moon Park stands adjacent to the Water Park. Sitting on the 60-meter swing, one gets a panoramic view of Hanoi. The Moon Park also boasts a three-dimension cinema, new-generation electronic games, and a supermarket. There is a sports complex where tourists can play tennis, badminton, ping-pong, and billiards. Fascinating extras include a pond for fishing, a mini golf court, as well as bumping cars and a roller coaster.

As the most modern and exciting theme park in Hanoi, the Ho Tay Water Park has received millions of visitors so far.

The Youth Park
Thanh Nhan St., Hai Ba Trung Dist, Ha Noi
tel: 4 8210864  fax: 4 8213654
This pool is made for swimming! About 50m in length, 20m wide and with an extra recreational area. There are not much swimmers around. Sometimes too many children gather at the edge of the basin but normally the number of people there is okay. The water quality is also good. The toilets and showers are not really nice but where in Hanoi would you find that… Entrance fee of 30.000 VND is reasonable. The pool is closed over midday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. There are also some tennis courts just next to the pool.

Nghia Do Park (Công viên Nghĩa Đô)



Hanoi Parks,Thong Nhat Park,Lenin Park,Thu Le Zoo,The Youth Park, Chelsea Park, Diamond Park, Eco Park, Dinod Park New, Central Park

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