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Cover Story - Huawei Vietnam: A Fascinating Story Beyond My Dream lssue 205

By Nguyen Thanh Luong

I do not know how to start although I want to say and share so many with my colleagues and friends.

Many people have been asking me why I had quit my job from a famous, professional and good-coverage company seven years ago, and joined Huawei Vietnam, a then small Chinese company unknown to Vietnamese market, and how I had kept contributing to my career in Huawei for these years. The answer is: that' s my choice and my destiny.

I joined Huawei Vietnam in June 2001 as the first local engineer in the office. In fact at that time few people could imagine that Huawei would survive and grow into what it is today. In the past seven years, Huawei has grown up from an unknown company and become strong enough to break into the leading TOP 3 position in the telecom market of Vietnam, and the sales revenue boomed from around USD 2 million in 2003 to over 500 million in 2008. To me, the story of Huawei' s growth in Vietnam is somewhat strange like a dream, but it' s a real and fascinate story.

  Luong (third from right in the front row) and some of his team members

As I remember, till 2003 there were less than 20 people working in the office. Setting up the brand image and attracting customers to our products was not easy, marketing, public relationship, advertisement, presentation, demonstration ...we always protect, keep, and advocate our image and the brand name of Huawei in our heart and mind.

Each and every assignment was detailed and specific. With long term strategy, good relationship and co-operation with the Headquarters, we step by step affirmed our position in the country, thanks to the great contribution of all the employees, local and expatriate.

As business grows we see splitting and merging of organizations in the office, such as the transformation from fixed network to core network, access and datacom network, and then optical network and microwave network joined in. My team also expands from one person to over forty today. In these years it' s all about learning and keeping myself updated with new product knowledge, customer services, total solutions, and meanwhile changing from a manner of working independently and individually to overseeing the work of others, global thinking, and team work.

Approaching the same direction

Together with the great development of Huawei Vietnam, I myself also improved my professional skill to compliant and adapt with new requirement.

My team is the biggest one in Vietnam office (2008) among which half is local and half is overseas from countries including China, Thailand, and Malaysia, we work in an open minded, communicative and multicultural spirit. We all approach to the same direction and target despite of many different and conflict ideas, solutions, ways of thinking. I understand being self-opinionated in a cross-cultural team will make it difficult to co-operate and communicate with each other, and every one can contribute unique value to the team, no matter locals or expatriates. I always try my best to show the team the history, the rule, the reasonable and effective way of doing things in this country. And I also encourage all the people to show their unique value and find their proper position in the job. There are cases when I encounter someone extremely self-esteemed, and I would let them do what they think to be easy and give them a chance to learn how important team work and cooperation mean to us. This has been proved to be helpful in building a team.

In my earlier years with Huawei, I was acknowledged with Certificate of Merit, The Prize for Standard Service of GTSD (2004), TOP 5 Annual exam of GTSD (2005), and Golden Medal Award of GTSD (2005).

Adapting to changes

Being the first engineer of Huawei Vietnam office (joined in June 4, 2001) I witnessed the history of Huawei' s growth in this country, with many memorable events.

Our product portfolio has been in a continuous separation and combination, and also our team. The first is the Fixed Network, and then the Access Network plus Datacom, and finally comes to the Network Product. I believed all these changes will bring us to a better position in the market landscape, therefore I just embraced all these changes and keep improving myself, no matter it is new product knowledge or management skill.

In the position of a team leader, taking charge of management responsibility for smoothly operation of our business, I always try to make clear to everyone our target and plan, and listen to the feedback from my team. The individuals are so different that I must be open-minded to fully understand the characteristics of each of them, in order to assign the right person with the right job at the right time. As a leader, being willing and ready to help and coach is essential, but I also remember to provide them the opportunity of training, as well as encouraging them to achieve the goals, both for the company, and for themselves. In this respect, two awards from the company, namely the Award for The Best Team Co-operation of Vietnam (2006) and the Award for The Best Organization Climate of Vietnam (2007) inspired me to achieve more challenging goals in the future.

"Elder Brother", that' s what many of my colleagues call me. With my experience working in Huawei Vietnam, I summarized that eight characteristics are necessary for people to reach career excellence, which are: "Knowledge, Positive Attitude, Honesty & Trust, Hardworking, Take Responsibility, Team Sprit, Discipline, and Patience". That is also my advice to new comers to Huawei. Our business is booming and I hope my experience can help some people better adapt themselves to the situation.

Trust and "win-win"

"Trust" and "win-win" are the mottos in my work and life, and I understand the "win-win" not only exists between the customer and the company, but also between the company and its staff. Building a good and long term relationship with our customers, taking care of and be responsive to their needs, keeping good internal communication channels to work out the best results, all these are what I would like to share with Huawei people.

In a very challenging IPDSLAM project with our customer VNPT, my mottos helped me out and achieved the goal. We helped the customer plan, design, and optimize the network in 40 provinces, and then problems came because the two parties had different understanding about how the acceptance tests should be done. The schedule was tight and we had to interconnect with a couple of other vendor devices. I understood the concern of the customers and tried to gain their trust. I divided all the PAT tasks into three categories: site, province, and overall network. This solution, saving the effort, the time and the money for both the customer and Huawei, was finally accepted and proved to be a good one. It was a hard job, of course, we must organize the professional team with many members from different departments to do the job together, such as the experts from R&D in charge of test cases, local technical engineers supporting and interfacing the customer, product managers who ensured SoC matching with PAT test cases, account manager to take care of the customer relationship... We also prepared carefully good test environment and necessary tools to make the test successful.

These jobs were recorded and highly appreciated by Huawei Vietnam and AP/SEA Region. We garnered the Award for The VNPT DSLAM Delivery of SEA Region (2008).


We are still facing many challenges, such as global resource sharing, setting up English language environment in the office for documents, procedure, workflow, and reports. We also expect a closer relationship among the staff, local and expatriate, to create a multicultural spirit, and to develop our policies, procedure, and work environment in a more professional manner to adapt to global rules and local traditions.

At the beginning of 2009 I would like to express my best wishes to all the co-workers for a happy, successful, and prosperous new year! And more opportunities come to you in the year ahead!

Welcome to Vietnam!

What the HR dept. says about Luong:

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luong loves his job, identifies himself with Huawei, and sets a good example to the staff. Luong never stops self-improving his management skills and thanks to his effort and with the team work of all the staff we can feel in his department a very good and friendly working atmosphere.

According to our customers, Luong is also enthusiastic and responsive.

Thank you Luong and please accept our best wishes!


Huawei People , Huawei Vietnam, Huawei in People Vietnam, Huawei in Vietnam, Vietnam Huawei

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