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Bobby Chinn Restaurant Address: 1 Ba Trieu St, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam


Bobby Chinn Restaurant: Restaurant situated at the edge of the Old Quarter, overlooking Hoan Kiem Lake. Describes the restaurant's history and influences...

Restaurant Bobby Chinn - Reviews:


Worth the trip...but yes a little pricey by VikFam - A TripAdvisor Member

We went here because of the recommendation in one of the travellers guides. It was still isted as by the Lake and we weren't the only fmaily looking for it at the old address. A 5$ cab ride later and we arrived at it's new location. It was very dark and art deco on the inside. Almost like they we trying too hard. They were nice and friendly and sweet to my family. the food was fine, the presentation was great. They did provide a magnifying glass with a flashlight to look at the menu, which means to me, turn the lights up a bit. It was a great toy for my kids. The desserts were great I would rave about them. I had the poussoin, which was excellent. My husband had the lamb chops which he loved and were cooked to perfection, my daughter had the lamb chops and they saved the day by having spaghetti bolognese for my 6 year old who isn't that adventurous. I understand some of the prior reviews. But all in all a good experience with a hilarious menu that you can buy for 5$ and frame for your powder room reading.

Cosy and cutting-edge delicious by humid7 - A TripAdvisor Member
I was hoping that this restaurant was as good as the tv talk-show host himself. And by the end of dinner, my only disappointment was that Bobby himself was not there (he lives in an apartment above the restaurant).
I ordered the chicken and my partner the salmon. We looked around the restaurant (there's a lounge on the first floor and two uppef floors for the restaurant) and then at each other. There were red drapes covering the entire ceiling, huge paintings and odd-ball souvenirs around the restaurant.
The chicken was savoury and delectable. My partner's salmon was done just the way she wanted (which couldn't be said for same dish at Sofitel Metropole the next day).
The atmospher was cosy with the right amount of lighting. The service was quick and discreet.

Funny Menu and Great Service but Bland Food by Johann&Sandra - A TripAdvisor Member

Make sure your taxi driver knows about the new location of Bobby Chinn's because we spent about 45 minutes in a taxi while he tried to figure out where it was and stop and ask directions. If you are staying in the Old Quarter, it is a long trip out there, and not worth the trip because there are so many great restaurants in Hanoi, many better than this one. If you are staying on West Lake though, it is convenient for you, so you might want to give it a try.

The ambience is all red curtains, with rose petals on the stairs leading up the dining area. If you have a special occasion, they will prepare a beautiful flower arrangement for your table if you reserve it in advance. The menu is quite funny, and so is the wine list, so provides some mealtime entertainment. You can also ask for a side order of "telling you that you're beautiful all evening" for about $5.00 that comes with a signed copy of the menu, silly but funny. The humor on the menu is pretty crude, so if you don't like crude humor, you might not want to make the trip for that. We talked to some British folks that almost died laughing from it.

We ordered the Western tasting menu for $44.00 USD. It included complimentary filet mignon bite-sized appetizer (tasteless), pumpkin soup (delicious), mushroom risotto (below average), scallops (well cooked, but tasteless), and lamb chop with apple risotto (again well cooked but not a great taste). It was weird that they'd put two risottos into one set menu we thought. There was also a dessert which was decent. The wine prices are very high, but there is an expansive cocktail menu.

Overall, the food was just average, the only thing above average was the pumpkin soup and the prices. The service was attentive and friendly throughout, they even took our photo and emailed it to us afterward.

We had a nice, but expensive evening, at about $150 USD for two dinners and a bottle of wine and a couple of cocktails. The menu was funny, the staff was nice, but we wouldn't go out of our way to go here again based on the food. For these prices you should be salivating all over yourself, and this just did not happen here. There are much better dining experiences to be had in Hanoi.

Nice place, definitely overpriced by bluecramp - A TripAdvisor Member

I go to Hanoi often, and have never eaten anywhere other than local style eateries, but went to BC's for my partners birthday this year for a treat. The new restaurant is on West Lake, which really isn't that far from the Old City. The food was good - I had duck and my partner salmon, and the margheritas spot on, but it really isn't worth the money, especially in Hanoi - $65 for 2 mains, one desert and 3 cocktails. We were in one of the upstairs rooms, red drapes and dim lighting, and a waitress stood 2m away from us the whole time watching us, whisking plates away the moment I put my fork down. I found this unnerving, being under direct observation the whole time.
In general - a nice international restaurant - but way overpriced compared to what can be had elsewhere in Hanoi.

This place is a must! by barnskybeat - A TripAdvisor Member

great place, funny menu, great food, great service....this place is a must on your "to do" list when visiting Hanoi.


Very average "upscale" food, overpriced, poor experience and terrible ambiance by LeBond - A TripAdvisor Member

My wife and I consider ourselves hard core foodies - we have planned entire trips around restaurants and/or food. We've had the chance and pleasure of eating in some of the greatest foodie restaurants around the world, (NYC, Rome, Athens, Toronto, Montreal, Beijing, etc.).

We just returned from Vietnam (a true Foodie paradise, especially for the more adventurous eaters) and although we weren't planning on or expecting to have great meals in any high end restaurants - most of vietnam's greatest hits will be had with street vendors and street food or very small local eateries - we did eat at a number of popular "upscale" restaurants in the major cities, to try them out and see what the buzz was about. In Hanoi we did Green Tangerine and Bobby Chinn.

Green Tangerine (which I have reviewed on here) was very decent, Bobby Chinn on the other hand was a real disappointment.

First off, it's a good distance away from the main tourist area of the old quarter, where most tourists tend to stay. Still not a big deal, about a $5 cab ride. The decor, at least in the room/area we were in was straight out of a low budget, campy horror movie. ALL the walls were lined with dark red fabric, the lighting was very dim and there's rose petals everywhere. It felt like you were in a cheap valentine's day hallmark card. With the proper decor, the rose petals might be a nice touch, but what if you're there with a business client? Awkward wouldn't begin to describe it. Then, the AC in the main lobby of the restaurant was running nice and cool, but in the actual dining rooms, it was uncomfortably hot - at least 24 - 26 degrees Celsius. Again, not helping the overall atmosphere. Adding to the mood of the place, I don't know who wrote his menus, but if it's Mr Chinn, he's got the sense of humor of a 15 year old, with a lot of toilet/crass humor bits scattered throughout his menu and later his comment card, which he and other people going through puberty may find hilarious, but really isn't and spoils the ambiance. (E.g. In the comment card, on a scale of 1 to 15, it has and I seriously quote "1 - would rather be sodomized by an elephant" and "15 - the queen would get hard nipples"). Le Bernardin and Per Se this isn't.

The waiters, perhaps because they're not comfortable or fluent enough in English, spoke a lot louder than they should in a restaurant like this - when they spoke Vietnamese, it was the right volume.

From a service perspective, it was a real joke. All three of us ordered the 4 course tasting menu, Soup, Appetizer, Main and Desert. We got the typical (and bland) amuse bouche to start, our soups (also bland), our appetizers which were very average, then the waiters cleared our table of everything and brought... wait for it... our desert!! That's right, completely skipped our main course. When I quietly pointed out that we had yet to eat our entrees (mains), they panicked and it was another 20 minutes or so before they brought the mains out. They comped a lemon gelato while we were waiting, would have expected something better for a screw up of this magnitude in an upscale restaurant.

To top it all off, they took a group picture of us with their camera and said it would be e-mailed to us after we fill out the comment card. I filled it out, was kind, but honest with my feedback and surprise - surprise, they never sent the picture.

Avoid this place at all costs. Green Tangerine or a ton of street vendors make a lot better food, for a lot cheaper and an overall better experience. Talk to the cabbies for where to go for the authentic stuff.



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