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Hanoi Indochine Restaurant , Add: 16 Nam Ngu, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi Indochine Restaurant: Set in a striking restored colonial, this place is a longtime tourist favorite with good Vietnamese cuisine tempered for foreign palates. Indochine fills with tour groups at lunchtime, which can be a bit much, bringing a rise in the noise level and a drop in service quality. The spring rolls are great, as are both the banana flower salad and the crispy fried prawn cakes with ginger. Ask about daily specials. With indoor and patio seating and traditional Vietnamese performances in the evening (call ahead for times), Indochine is well worth a visit for the beautiful setting alone. Take a cab -- it's hard to find.


Hanoi Indochine Restaurant Reviews:

Indochine: A Delightful Experience by Wild_Orchid -

Authentic Vietnamese cuisine served in a traditionally decorated colonial-era villa-from the tastefully done leaflet picked up at the restaurant.

I would say that this restaurant certainly exceeded our expectations - the food was delicious and the decor was very pleasing-like an oasis of calm from the noisy streets outside.

Service was pleasant and attentive.

We were on tour so we had some kind of set menu and it was difficult to remember every dish.

Rice steamed in coconut
Pork in small claypots-simply lip smackingly delicious! (even for a person who is normally not enamoured by pork)
Large prawns with onions in light saffron curry
Delicious coffee - rated 4 stars by our group.

Lunch:11.30 am to 2.00 pm
Dinner: 5.30 pm to 10.00 pm

Indochine: Good Vietnamese Tucker by fachd -

During our stay in Hanoi we were treated by our good friend to Indochine Restaurant.
The restaurant is walking distance from their resident, about ten minutes walk.

The surrounding of old villa style building is pleasantly decorated with central courtyard.

You can dine inside down stair or up stair or outside in a quite garden setting. We had our meal up stair looking at people dining down stair. When you go up stair you will pass the kitchen and you can have a good look at how they prepared the meal.

I didn’t take particular notice of what we ordered, but I remember I ordered baby squid stuffed with minced pork and it was delicious. As a matter of fact all the food that we ordered and shared was excellent. The dishes are beautiful presented and well cook. I must admit this was the best Vietnamese food I have ever taste.

I didn't pay for it but I think the price is from $8.

Indochine: Colonial dining experience by Pez -

Classic colonial dining in a restored French colonial villa. One of the first such restaurants in Hanoi. Good food and service. Same owners as Le Tonkin.

Indochine: French Colonial and Traditional Vietnamese by cochinjew -

They say food is served in an old vietnamese setting, but the building reeks of colonial taste in an old colonial building. Waiters are clad traditionally and the food and service are excellent. Expats and diplomats.

lemongrass sticks, prawn( tom nuong xa )
stewed fish in lemon grass (ca chung sa chanh)
stir fried mixed vegetables (rau cai xao)
Boneless chicken breast with lemon (ga chien chanh)
rice stwered in goat milk (com hap huoc dua)
While the food was food, I did not think it was exceptional. For a glass of ordinary table wine, one pays as much as a delicately prepared main dish. Good eating experience but not a dining experience. for that go to the Emperor.

Indochine: A little bit French, a lot Vietnam by Mr.Sparkle -

High quality food and service, very modest prices. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu.

Take your pick, the menu is in English, Japanese and French. You might want to think about making a reservation though.

Excelt chicken!!!! Try the spring rolls!


Indochine Restaurant, Hanoi Indochine Restaurant, Indochine Restaurant in Hanoi, IndochineRestaurant


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