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Brother's Cafe

Brother's Cafe Restaurants

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Brother's Cafe Restaurants

Add: 26 Pho Nguyen Thai Hoc Str, Hanoi , Vietnam

Brother's Cafe A sense of timeless sophistication overcomes you as you enter. Banners sporting ancient Chinese script in bold black hang about the entrance. Double happiness, longevity and wealth motifs translate from similar bamboo wall hangings inside. An army of well-groomed waiters descends as you make your way through the main dining room out into the garden beyond. Meticulously laid tables reside under lush banana palms as classical music wafts from an unseen orchestra. Once seated, smells from the kitchen and an all-you-can-eat buffet tempt skipping an aperitif. USD10 for dinner or USD5 for lunch. A wide selection of beverages is available. Magical.


Brother's Cafe Restaurant Reviews: by TripAdvisor Members

Superlative Friday night seafood buffet; memorable ambiance by raincitysunshine

We stumbled in here without knowing about the seafood buffet every Friday night. $20/pp including free-flow wine. We were expecting a cheaper, more low-key place and it was more than we wanted to spend, but we were hungry and the atmosphere sucked me in. The wine was Argentinian and quite acceptable. The refills flowed fast, never had to flag anyone down for more. I ended up loving the buffet--I don't have a huge appetite and still feel I got my money's worth. The quality and creativity of the food was commendable and the service excellent. The flash-grilled anchovies were to die for--went back for 3rds. Can't speak for eating here any other time, but this experience would be equally as appropriate for date night, large party, or a simply an option for your one splurge in Hanoi.

Overpriced by ThomasMore1515

If you have never eaten in a vietnamese restaurant or if it is the first time you have tried a buffet, then you might like the place.

The restaurant is located in a charming traditional house, but the food is terrible and the evening buffet will cost you 25 USD/pax with one drink.

There are so many places to go in Hanoi, you should avoid this one.

Wonderful place featuring street food by essbeepee

Very different from the recommended branch in Hoi An, this restaurant is in the courtyard of a former private family temple. "Street vendors" squat around the courtyard proposing wonderful Vietnamese specialities. There is also a buffet. Great service, great food, great atmosphere. Very friendly and welcoming.

Lovely place, good food by AllensWA

This cafe was remodelled from an old temple, they kept the old facade and the decor inside is new, very pleasant and almost zen like feeling when you walk in from a bustling street. We ate at the big courtyard with lots of shade. Lunch is buffet, no a la carte. US$10/person. Good varieties of food, mainly vietnamese and asian style. Four ladies prepare pho, pork dumpling soup and other specialities to the order. Really enjoy the whole experience. Highly recommended.

Un restaurant de rêve by Bokkai

Si vous voulez partir du Vietnam sur une bonne note, n'hésitez pas une seconde, réservez une table, le soir de préférence, pour la magie du lieu au Brother's Café à Hanoi.
Dans cet ancien temple, pour la somme de 17 US, sans les boissons, vous pourrez goûter aux dizaines de plats d'une grande fraîcheur qui sont préparés sous vous yeux.
Toute la cuisine et les saveurs vietnamiennes sont à votre disposition.
Pour les gros mangeurs, pas d'inquiétude, ces délicieux plats sont servis à volonté...
Je fréquente ce restaurant depuis plusieurs années et jamais de mauvaise surprise, toujours que du plaisir.




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