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Highway 4 Restaurants:The road to revelry runs right to this popular pub in the city! Though it's the official headquarters of Hanoi's Minsk Motorcycle Club, you don't have to be a biker to drop by. Highway 4 will set you right on course with its Honey-Egg Wine and Vietnamese Rice Wine. Sample the traditional fare from the a la carte menu, or then if you are with a large group, opt for the buffet.


Highway 4 Restaurants reviews:

Highway 4 Restaurant is one of the popular mid- class restaurants for expats in Hanoi. I've been there several times with my friends and I was impressed the first two times. The third time I wasn't happy because the food and the service was missing something at the Highway 4 in Hang Tre street.

I went there a few weeks ago with some friends and we had trouble getting menus. The staff gave us 2 menus, and I asked her for one more so that we could choose our food quicker and easier than having to pass the menu around many times. The waitress told me that they had three floors here and couldn't waste so many menus at our table. After 5 minutes, she came back and wanted to take our menus even though we hadn't ordered. She was incredibly rude to me and I wondered if she would ever be so rude to a foreigner. I also wondered why a successful restaurant wouldn't just print a few more menus. It is not expensive in Hanoi to get printing done.

Finally, we ordered our dinner and, after the menu problem, I wasn't surprised when our main courses - mixed vegetable, squid and chicken dishes - came first. As we finished our main courses, the spring roll and salad starters arrived. It wasn't my night. But then the beers we ordered weren't cold and it all became a bit much to put up with. This is normally a fun restaurant where the food and service is great.

'm not sure what's going on there but I think my last visit will stay in my memory for a while and I would think a long time before recommending Highway Four again.  By Godknows vietnamesegod.blogspot.com


Frommer's Review

If you're getting ready to head out on the highway (in the proverbial "Born to Be Wild" sense), Highway 4 is your first stop. It's the unofficial meeting point for the Minsk Club of Vietnam (a Minsk is the rugged Russian motorbike especially popular for travel in the north of Vietnam). A visit to this bar/restaurant is all about hard drinking and tall-tale-telling about motorbike adventures up north. They even brew their own particularly potent rice whiskey, the Son Tinh brand, which will cross your eyes and make you believe any story. Softening up their image a little, the restaurant is now offering cooking classses.   Source : frommers.com


Just good! By DavidC - travel.yahoo.com
I had only one night lay over in Hanoi and had to decide between choice of what they recommended by the touris place or the yahoo recommendation, I went with Yahoo (Big Yahoo supporter!!), and the decision was right. Excellent place. Love the home style provincial liquor. I couldn't drink too much, but had two shots of Apricots and Passion Fruit, reminded me of the sweet wine my Dad made with grape. I couldn muscle myself to try to gheko and etc. alchol, just getting too old. But if I am with bunch of guys, probably would have muster the courage to do it. The food was outstanding. I tried the catfish thing everyone recommende, very tasty. Pork in banana leaf was great. I walk away wishing I have more time to try all the food they offered. 3 dishes, 2 shots of alchol, 1 corn water, 1 rice, 15 USD. Go if you are in town!

Cool place with cool atmosphere! By Zuoi bu - travel.yahoo.com
Just come and sit down on your knees, then you'll feel like sitting in a small society, with people around (not too many) and even a temple inside the house. There are some ethnic customs on the wall, and the lights... I like corn water, a cool kind of drink there. cool, not sweety when you drink, but very sweety when you swallow.... cool you down in a hot summer night ! Ahh food is great also. They have many kinds of wines that I bet you have never heard about :) so what, just try and enjoy yourself...

Roast bugs on demand! By ANTHONY - travel.yahoo.com
Has very nice surroundings. Sitting on the floor makes for a very interesting, cultural experience. The food was very good...though one dish did leave some people with expressions of disgust on their faces... While here you must try some creepy crawlies. They have their own page of the menu so its hard to miss. We had crickets and scorpions, both of which were suprisingly tasty (there scorpion still has its shell on though so its a bit crunchy). Also try the wide variety of wines on display near the entrance. It basically a selection rice wine that has had various animals floating in it. Some are very strong and if you don't feel up to it, you can order a selection of shots that have had fruits in instead of animals. All in all though, a very nice place to eat.

Nice to be back By Quoc Chung - travel.yahoo.com

Foods, atmosphere, decor and services carry Vietnamese traditional manner. Apricot wine is so fantastic & tasty. Foods are quickly served. Waiters' attitudes are open-minded. All of those stuffs make tourists and fellow dinner wanna come back again.

Good restauran By Kitty - travel.yahoo.com
I have a chance to go there. The food is very special, delicious and the price is acceptable. You should come there with your friends so you can try different dishes.

Nice place and good food By Thu Ha - travel.yahoo.com
Foods are good with different kinds of grill meat. There are some tribal and traditional kinds of alcohol, and you can stay late (not usual in Hanoi). Not a "romantic" place but for a group of friends. Upstairs places are nicer.

A real experience! by Jon - travel.yahoo.com
Sifting through the menu, there are a few surprises for a Westerners palate - however all the food was delicious and the atmosphere was great. We also tried some herbal rice wine which had a kick and set us up for a fun evening! Efficient service too, we will definitely be going back...

Highway 4 Rocks! By A Yahoo! Contributor - travel.yahoo.com
Catfish Spring Rolls rock! Bo Sa Pa Ruou rocks! The balcony overlooking the lake rocks! The waitress with the cute butt rocks!! I'll be back! (Highway 4, Kim Ma Street)



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