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Khazana Indian Restaurant: Specializing in South Indian fare, Khazana will tempt your belly with hearty curries, fluffy breads and pastry pockets stuffed with spiced goodness. For starters, the ragda pati (potato and chickpea pancakes) offer a creative alternative to the usual samosas (packed pastries). The menu will delight vegetarians. The khumb korma ghazni (button mushrooms and green peas bathed in a rich gravy) will quiet even the loudest grumbling stomachs. No meal is complete without an order of naan (flat bread cooked in the tandoor oven). Enjoy your delicious meal in a subtly elegant interior. Property Information by Wcitie


Khazana Indian Restaurant Reviews :

khazaana is so good by vikram securemetre -
i went there about a week back, south Indian food is not available as chef is on leave for his brother's marriage, so we ordered north Indian food, the taste was very good, and we were surprised that we can get this kind of food outside of India, their hospitality is incredible. i noticed that old manager is not there, there is a very young manager now a days who came and asked our feedback about the food and service(looks very friendly) he told us that he came to Hanoi last month, and has got very good experience of five star hotels, we expect great service next time. i give 9.5 out of 10 to this restaurant.

Indian Restaurant by Wackadoo -
Good ambiance and serve both North and Sount Indian. Value for money.

NOT TO BE MISSED by canadiantrotter -
Without a doubt, one of the best indian food I had so far...Delicious, cheap, great service...We went there with some vietnamese friends who never tried indian food before...They emptied the table, and asked for some more...Have to try it!

Fantastic experience by faisalkhan65 -
Had been to this Restaurant a few times, during my various business visits to Hanoi, and am indeed very happy with the authenticity of the meals, Original with flavoured with the Indian spices, which I am told are imported from India.. Have been to other Indian Restaurants in Vietnam, but nothing to compare with this place. The Manager and staff are very attentive. You must give it a try, when in Hanoi.

Service level highest in... by A TripAdvisor reviewer on Facebook

Service level highest in Hanoi. Food- better than authentic!

excellent food by kaustubh -
This restaurant is a great place for food, i have had food in many restaurants in London but never got the quality and hospitality what is here, Chicken-tikka and garlic naan was great in taste, the price is cheaper than India(which is shocking)outside India,
i was talking to the new manager Mr. Trevadi who explained me the dishes and the difference in them, they are the best restaurant in Vietnam for no doubt, and i saw the many awards are also given to them by Vietnamese Government continuously in last 5-7years.
it was excellent experience, i wish them best of luck. Thanks! Laurent

A great experience by Eliard -
Khazaana is, far and away, the best Indian restaurant in Hanoi. Personally, it's one of my top five favorite restaurants of all types in Hanoi. The owner is always around and is a wonderfully personal presence in the place. The food is always of the finest quality, and the service is attentive without being overbearing (an issue in Hanoi at times). Whoever suggested that Dakshin, Tandoor, or India Palace were better choices is obviously just using this public forum for touting. Anyone who lives in Hanoi and eats out often is aware of how much better Khazaana is than those spots, who coincidentally, happened to all be owned by the same group. Amazing that they'd all be mentioned in that one review! While we're on the subject, the other Indian spots in Hanoi may as well be listed and ranked in this suggestion. Basically Dakshin, India Palace, and Shalimar (Indian and Pakistani) are your basic choices. Tandoor is touch better. Then Foodshop 45 comes in as fair, but not as authentic as Khazaana. At the top, Khazaana truly stands and the unchallenged King of Indian Cuisine in Hanoi.

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