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Little Hanoi Restaurant

Little Hanoi Restaurant

 Little Hanoi Restaurant in Hanoi

Add: 21 Hang Gai Str, Hoamkiem Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam


Little Hanoi Restaurant:

On one of the most centrally located corners in the city, Little Hanoi caters to tourists weary from navigating the bustling streets of the Old Quarter. The menu offers such crowd-pleasers as quiche, pastas and sandwiches as well as a selection of Vietnamese hits such as spring rolls, fried rice dishes, and a shrimp and lotus salad. A separate bamboo bar area attracts an after-work, beverage-drinking crowd which turns into an after-dinner, dessert-eating and cognac-sipping bunch. Source:



Hanoi Little Hanoi Reviews:

Little Hanoi: Cheap and Yummy by qwert_babe -

Actually me and my mate really liked this place coz it was really near our hotel (Camelia 4) so it was really convenient when we were beat and didnt know where to eat. The food was good of course - Since I'm from Singapore, while many of the dishes were already very asian, it was still very tastily local and a couple were uniquely delicious.

Note: They've done so well, i suspect, that they actually opened another outlet just down the same alley! One can only imagine the tasty food there.

I can't remember the name, but it was one of the vegetable dishes with a really difficult name (at least for me). We selected the grilled version and it was yummy! The beers there were also cheap (as with the rest of hanoi).
Little Hanoi: Little Hanoi by SirRichard -

This tiny restaurant is located at the first floor in a small alley of the Old Quarter. You go up some narrow stairs and get into a nice medium size hall.
Nice staff and local specialities.

I had some meat with pineapple and pancakes.

Little Hanoi: Local Beer By bpacker -

Nothing motivates me more to drink than cheap prices. Really, if you live in Singapore, paying for cheap beer is a luxury to savour.

Had to try Halida beer after I quized muddybok about the local beers there. My verdict? Halida is sweet and malty, nothing distinct unfortunately. However, it is slightly better than BIA HANOI and second to BA BA BA ( another beer found more commonly in HCMC. See my BABABA review

Note: Look out for the elephant if you're keen to try Halida Beer.

Little Hanoi: not bad, but too many other good places by richiecdisc -

This place had two things going for it. It was open during TET (Vietnamese New Year cum Christmas/birthday) and it had a nice dining room. It was also mentioned in Lonely Planet as retaining local flavor and types of food. It did have nice window seating with pleasant views.

Though the food was not bad, it did not really have a Vietnamese flair but more of in the line of Chinese food. So, if you are sick of the local food and want something different but still Asian, it is worth a try. We found the food a bit on the bland side.

Little Hanoi: Cheap, cheerful and very good By leffe3 -

Extremely popular (one of the highlights in Lonely Planet, so everyone heads for it!) - so much so that they have now opened a second restaurant across the street from the original.

Small, dark, eclectic furnishings, approx 10 tables (with 2 mote to be found on the mezzanine overhanging the bar at the back) - it really is pot luck if you are lucky enough to get a table. "Come back in 15 minutes" is a frequent comment! (Although I think the kitchen in the overflow Little Hanoi is not as good as the original - a much lighter, open upstairs room literally across the alley)

But the popularity hasn't diminished the quality of the food - its good, wholesome, straighforward Vietnamese food and very reasonaly priced.

There's a set menu or 'a la carte' and we managed to get a table for 6 (sheer luck lol), so were able to try a wide range of foods (and on return visits). Chicken and cashew/prawn with cashew to be highly recommended (the noodle dishes are a bit uninspiring, but at less than US$2 a plate, is this surprising?). Vegetarian spring rolls are excellent as are the 'make your own'. And plates of Morning Glory with garlic.......


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