Hue Tourism, Hue City Tourism, Hue Vietnam Tourism, Tourism Hue, Tourism Hue City, Hue Tourist

Hue Tourism, Hue City Tourism, Hue Vietnam Tourism, Tourism Hue, Tourism Hue City, Hue Tourist


Hue - The City of Festivals

In spite of all the ravages of war, Hue has a lingering charm of its own. Huong Giang or the Perfume River is a major landmark that demarcates the old city and the Imperial Citadel on the northern end from the new city on the south that has most of the restaurants and hotels in Hue. The riverside is dominated by a striking promenade and park, punctuated by wacky pieces of sculpture. It is a charming and historic place to visit.

The Complex of Hue Monuments in Vietnam was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993.

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Hue was the capital of feudal Vietnam and was the base from which the Nguyen Dynasty ruled southern Vietnam from 1804 to 1945. At this point Emperor Bao Dai abdicated and Ho Chi Minh's radical government took over. The city of Hue was devastated in the Vietnam War. It was held by the Viet Cong for 24 days and during this time an estimated 1,000 people were massacred. Hue was subjected to further onslaughts during the American bombing and in the 1968 Tet offensive.

To get away from the hustle bustle do visit the sprawling complex of the former imperial government, the Imperial Citadel. The primary tourist attraction of this city, the Citadel has it all - temples and pavilions, moats, high walls and, of course, shops with a wide variety of goods. For the artistically inclined, there are museums and galleries, and here you can find artefacts and costumes that belong to different periods of Vietnamese history.

The violent battles Vietnam was subjected to have left its mark on the Citadel as well. No matter who fought whom - the French vs. the Viet Minh in 1947, or the Americans vs. the Viet Cong in 1968 - they have caused damage to this exquisite citadel that served as the political, cultural and religious nerve centre of imperial Vietnam. The bombed out remains of some of the historical buildings tell a story by itself. But many other buildings are remarkably intact and many more are being renovated. In all, it will take you several hours to explore the Imperial Citadel and its innumerable sights.

The Tombs of the Emperors are another attraction in Hue. You can take a taxi or ride a bike to get to the tombs, located along the Perfume River towards the south of the Citadel. But a better way to see the tombs would be hiring a river boat and going for a full-day cruise along the Perfumed River.

Hue has many ancient and modern historical attractions, as you would expect from a city that was the Imperial capital from 1802 until the Declaration of Independence in 1945, and a key strategic city in the next two wars involving first the French and then the Americans and their allies. Choosing the right mix of hotel location, travel distances and times, things to see and do, price and amenities in Hue can be difficult because most of the hotel locations are in the city center and some of the most interesting attractions are kilometers out of town.

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