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NancoTravel,,, Cung Nancotravel Kham Pha Campuchia Huyen Bi



 Nanco Travel


Dear traveler and partner,
When I pass the exam to University, I promise to be a Business woman in Financial or Auditing because of my eldest brother who I love the best. He was a very good person in Auditing and he traveled a lot then told me where he was, what he did through his photos. That why National Economic University is my first choice when I know I had passed exam of four University included Civil & Engineer University, Hanoi National University and Commercial University.

The last two year we had to choose the Major Subject. With the summary mark not over 8.0 I could not register to Financial Department but also went to Tourism & Hospitality Department. My new life start from then.

Within two year at Tourism and Hospitality I know that I love it too. There are many thing around the world we do not know and only by traveling we can do that. Traveling is highest human demand in human demand tower (to know, to get more experience and to assert who you are in the world)  and never stop within their life until they die. I am sure that you have traveled over ten time a year out of your village, your city to other places for any reason a year. Then we have over 4billion people in the world. What we need to do?

University prior is my best memories in my new life. I had travel with my class mate any where I can, any time I have and took photos. Of course I have not much money with small scholarship for tuition fee. So I choose the place of my friend’s home land where I can stay with their family when I been there. On that time, I had travel to most of province in Red River Delta.

After graduated, I worked for a hotel in Hanoi for two year. I know it was not what I want because working in hotel I could not travel. However I tilll had a week holiday travel by train and open tour along Vietnam to Can Tho on 2000. Of course I till stop at the place I have friend only where I can sleep at my friends house. That was my first long journey. After that trip I decide to stopped work at hotel. Then Nov 2001, I stopped. On that time I do not work for any travel agent company because I have not much experience in that subject.

I still remember my day I talk to my father that I will travel to Cambodia and find a new job there in travel company. My purpose was travel and get experience and back to Vietnam to work only. Cambodia was my choice because my class had Cambodian Student and they can help me when I be there. I took the first border crossing to Cambodia on Dec 2001 and start to work for a local travel company in Cambodia.

Stayed in Cambodia with business visa and worked with very small salary. That money only  can cover for my a bit food. I did not have to pay for accommodation. But I had some other money to live. On that time I found that Cambodia is beautiful destination with amazing Angkor. I visited Angkor after 1week arrival Cambodia. I also traveled to Thailand to live for a month in Bangkok and Laos for a week. Then I told my friend in German that she should combine Indochina country in her trip to Asia.

Back to Vietnam end of 2002, I worked for some small travel company. Then working for Apex Vietnam – A Japanese Travel Company with 99% traveler is Japanese. Let me told you, I had study a lot from Apex Vietnam within 3 year. My position is Tour Operator but I studied from almost Japanese staff how to do in tourism.

On 2005, I move to Cambodia to live with my family their. and work for the travel company I had worked before on 2001 as Sale Manager.

2007 Nanco Travel was opened with the help of my family in Vietnam.

In my tourism life, I have work and operator for many kind of tours, many kind of tourist. And I hope that you are the next that I have an opportunity to serve.

Nanco Travel is new company but we are not new in serve tourist. I traveled a lot and I know you need a real advise when you travel. We are sure that we will be Your Friend any where you want to go. My opinion that you can get all information with one person (01 door) only. It mean, if you contact with a Nanco staff you can have all answer of your question.

Nanco is a legal International Tour Operator company. We are willing to work with Tour Operator Company around the world to connect your clients with our country.



Phnom Penh head office
Add: 6Ac, street 428, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: (855) - 23 72 69 96
Fax: (855) - 23 72 74 86

  Siem Reap Branch
Group IV, Taphul Village, Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Tel: (855) - 63 76 16 32

Hanoi Representative
Add: 214 A1, To 16, Cau Dien, Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Tel: (844) - 764 60 63
Fax: (844) - 768 00 55
Contact: (84) - 903 619 253

  Hochiminh Representative
Contact: (84) - 904 277 684

Laos Representative
Add: P.O.Box :881 , Vientiane , Lao PDR
Tel: (856) - 21 452 458
Fax: (856) - 21 263 731


Myanmar (Bumar) Representative
Pansodan Office Tower, 3rd Floor, Room 3A, 189/195 Pansodan Street
Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar

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