Paris Airport Pick-up, Paris Airport Taxi, Paris Airport Transfer, Paris Taxi Airport , Paris Airport Transfers, Paris Taxi

Paris Airport Pick-up, Paris Airport Transfer, Airport Shuttle, Airport Taxi or Taxi Minibus:

Paris, The most beautiful city of the world, Paris, and his illuminations, Paris, and his monuments… the history of Paris, museums of Paris, Paris by night ! But Paris, it is necessary to arrive well there ! If you arrive by plane, the plane dropps you at the aéroport ! And the question is  : taxi, Shuttle, minibus… What difference between a Taxi, a Shuttle service or the Taxi Minibus ?

Le Taxi:

What is a taxi in Paris ? How functions the taxis of the airport of Paris ? There many Taxis waiting well wisely on line at the exit of the terminal. After having made a waiting queue, according to the number of planes arriving at the same time, you say to your driver where you wish to go, you put your luggage in the trunk and you leave towards Paris.

If you are more than three people, the driver has the right to refuse you. If he accepts, it has the right to ask you to a supplement for the fourth people. In the same way, it will ask you a supplement according to the number of luggage and the price to be paid will be that indicated to the meter increased of the supplements.

The Airport Taxi service is a very complete service and without surprise. If you reserved your taxi by Airport Taxi, the driver will come to await you at your exit of the customs, with a sign with your name. You will have only to show the confirmation that Airport Taxi will have sent to you and to go in the car.

The price to be paid is without surprise. The taxi driver is already with the current and you too. You pay only the price indicated on your confirmation. The taxi driver will be paid by Airport Taxi according to his meter and the difference will be for the reservation. If the amount of the meter is higher than the price than you must pay, because of the traffic jam, for example, the taxi driver will arrange himself with the Airport Taxi. Here thus an excellent means to make the way of the airport in Paris,for Charles of Gaulle airport or Orly airport.

The Shuttle Service:

The Airport Shuttle service is well practised in a many countries. This is simple : Airport Shuttle, (or the shuttle airport) is a minibus which can generally contain eight people who makes only the way airport – Paris and Paris – airport. They generally give you a meeting point outside the airport, in front of the door of exit of your terminal. When the Shuttle passes, they may have already several people inside and have ti make a turn of the airport to go and seek other people. Once in Paris, you will make two or three stops, sometimes four to dropp the people who are with you. It is the principle of Airport Shuttle.

The price to be paid is fixed in advance, and is according to the number of people you are.

Le Taxi Minibus:

In Paris, the Taxi Minibus is new a concept !

The mark « Taxi Minibus » is a product deposited by the company Airport Taxi which is the owner. And the principle of the Taxi Minibus in Paris is simple : minibuses which can transport up to eight people with their
luggage and which you can rent for a given way. It is the ideal formula for a family or a small group. The great speciality of the Taxi Minibus :transfers towards the airports of Charles of Gaulle and Orly.

The Taxis Minibus but can also come to seek you with the airport to lead you to Paris or towards any other destination.

In this case, the driver comes to seek you at the exit of the customs with a sign with your name. The voyage is made in« exclusive a charter » i.e. the minibus is reserved to you exclusively. The taxi Minibus, on require, can also ensure of displacements in Paris, in the suburbs or in province, accompany you
in a tourist visit or on a given course.

In short, from Paris, to go to the airport or from the airport to go to Paris, we advise you the taxi if you are three people or less, the taxi minibus if you are more or if you have many luggage.

Bon voyage !


* No extra charge for baggage

* Transfer in a deluxe car (up to 4 people)

* Reservation inquiry / request will be processed in 1 business days.

* Confirmation / information will be sent by email reply. For faster service please call our reservation center (from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm) 33/1 41 40 17 17

1. You Complete this form
2. We confirm the reservation by Email in the next 24 hours
3. You will get all needed information how to get your Taxi in our confirmation
4. Have a nice trip.

Paris Airport Pick-up, Paris Airport Taxi, Paris Airport Transfer, Paris Taxi Airport , Paris Airport Transfers, Paris Taxi

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