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Taxi meter rip offs: If like me you prefer the four wheeled taxi option, slightly safer and oftern cheeper than the two wheeled. Use the cars where the meter is surrounded by a clear plastic box only.. Those taxi's where this is not the case seem to be, from my experience, using rigged meters that will charge you anything from double to 50times the correct fare!! One driver in Hanoi having tried to charge me nearly 300,000 dong for a 5min ride (the meter already racing ahead of itself, jumped from 90,000 to over 275,000 in the space of 100 yards!!!) followed me to the One pillar Pagoda with a friend to demand money!! not pleasent experience. So save yourselves the hassles and the expense and use only the decent cabbies making an honest living.. http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g293924-i8595-k1634230-Taxi_meter_rip_offs_Warning-Hanoi.html

Taxis to downtown Hanoi can be hired at Noi Bai . There is a fixed price taxi stand right outside the exit, offering fares between US$18 and US$20 into the city. It is slightly more expensive than the tout taxis, but you pre-pay for the trip, so no hassles about the fare. Other drivers may try to take you to a hotel of their choice to collect a commission, but if you are specific about your destination, they usually give in. As you leave the airport all sorts of US$ prices will be quoted by taxi agents, ranging from around US$20 to US$30. Be sure you have a clear price agreement with the driver before getting into the car as the price quoted by the agent may not be what the driver is expecting. If you have changed money into dong at the airport you can, of course, pay in local currency. The prevailing rate at the end of 2010 seemed to be around 380,000 dong.

Public buses to the city center from Noi Bai airport take about an hour. Bus #07 crosses the Thang Long bridge and goes to the Daewoo Hotel on the western part of Hanoi. Bus #17 crosses the Chuong Duong bridge and goes close to the old quarter, to Long Bien. Prices are 4,000 dong and 5,000 dong, respectively. To catch buses 7 or 17, go to the 2nd floor of the terminal, proceed outside, and walk along the ramp to your left. The ramp, like a highway overpass, will take you to the other side of the road than if you had just exited on the 1st floor arrivals section. Buses 7 and 17 depart from right at the end of the ramp. However, baggage is not permitted aboard the buses, so you may need to wait a few minutes to try your luck several times or give the conductor a small bribe, i.e. paying for the baggage as well. Don't listen to taxi drivers or shuttle bus operators that claim the stop for the public buses is a few kilometers away or that service has been terminated.

Shuttle-buses from the airport to Hanoi stop at the Vietnam Airlines Office on 1 Quang Trung (a bit south of the old quarter but conveniently stocked with taxis and motorbike drivers, of course!). Tickets are sold in the building in front of which the minibuses park, or you can give the fare directly to the driver. The cost is US$2 or 40,000 dong for foreigners (insurance reason), and 30,000 dong for Vietnamese (which includes VN-Americans). The driver will potentially give you trouble if you have additional bags, but if you push, you will get the same US$2 rate. They also try the 'typhoon in Ha Long Bay' scam whereby they take you to a street where you cannot see the hotel name and tell you that the Ha Long Bay guests are still in the hotel and they will take you to their other hotel for the same price. This place is a complete dive facing the highway.

More metered taxis to serve Phuket Airport

A committee of tourism and transport officials yesterday agreed to allow Phuket Taxi Meter Service to operate 23 more metered taxis out of Phuket International Airport (PIA), while a request by Phuket Mai Khao Company to operate 20 metered taxis was tentatively approved.

Chaired by Phuket Vice-Governor Tri Augkaradacha, the committee granted permission for Phuket Taxi Meter Service, which has been operating 42 metered taxis at PIA, to use 65 vehicles in total.

Phuket Taxi Meter Service had applied to operate 46 more metered taxis at the airport.

Phuket Mai Khao Co had its request for permission to operate 20 metered taxis tentatively approved, awaiting confirmation that the company’s concession from Airports of Thailand (AOT) has been signed by the AOT board.

On January 17, Phuket Mai Khao Co signed an agreement to allow the company to operate 20 limousine taxis and 60 vans at PIA. Sent to Bangkok to be signed by the AOT board, the contract has yet to be returned approved.

Phuket Mai Khao Co must present the contract signed by the AOT board before permission to operate more vehicles can be granted.

To become official, the conclusions of the committee must now be approved by Phuket Governor Niran Kalayanamit.

Although it does not have a concession from AOT to operate taxis at PIA, the Taxi Meter Association requested approval to operate 30 metered taxis. The request was rejected.

The Taxi Meter Association is subcontracted by Phuket Taxi Meter Service to supply vehicles and drivers to provide Phuket Taxi Meter Service’s airport taxi service.

Phuket Taxi Meter Service collects a fee of 40 baht for every customer the Taxi Meter Association picks up from PIA.

Source : http://www.phuketairportonline.com

Taxi from airport Bangkok

Look for the public taxis outside the airport; there is a 50 baht surcharge, then we paid an additional 270 which was around $10 to take us directly to Khao San Rd. I think it would also depend on what time you arrive, we arrived at midnight so there probably wouldn't be much other public transportation anyway.

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If you don’t mind spending a little more money for transit into Bangkok from the airport and depending on the time of day you will go into town from Suvarnabhumi Airport this might prove to be a decent way to spend a few extra Baht.

I found and used a METERED taxi on the GROUND LEVEL from Door 8. The doors are numbered and you will easily find the line for taxis, access is controlled and assigned in a pretty organized fashion. Go down a level from the main Arrivals level and you’ll find the taxis. I was staying in the Banglamphoo area and I think I paid about the equivalent of about $ 20.00 including the tolls used for the freeway. Given the distance involved I thought it was a pretty reasonable cost.

The LITTLE catch with using this mode of transit is that to save money in transit time its BEST for the driver to use the TOLL freeway and you must pay for the TOLL in addition to the taxi fare, however in the long run it’s still faster than using the buses that are available.

If I was arriving mid day during the week I would consider other cheaper options to get into the city because of traffic congestion but during off hours this proved to be a fast and efficient way to get to my accommodation. Nowadays the airport is served by a sky train to move you to the downtown area of Bangkok so the train might be a better option for you although I like the idea of hopping into a taxi.

If you use the taxis on the MAIN floor Arrivals level you can negotiate a fixed rate but it will not be metered and it’s MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE so BEWARE of this….CHEAPER and METERED taxis are to be found on the ground floor level below ARRIVALS…take the elevator or escalator down and walk to door 8.

Website: http://www.bangkokairportonline.com/node/14

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Taxis Aplenty

There are plenty of taxis in Bangkok with many different striking colours and most are metered taxis.

On exiting the Airport's Departure Hall, there's a taxi stand and a counter where you goes up to and tell them your immediate destination/hotel. They will fill it on a chit and hand it over to the taxi driver (in waiting) and the taxi driver will take you to the hotel.

The driver of the taxi that I took indicated he would take the highway to Bangkok city centre where the hotel is located and I mentioned I had no objection. Those taxi drivers at the Airport seems to have better command of the spoken English.

The journey was smooth until the end of the highway and after exiting the highway into the city centre itself, the journey was smooth was we were heading in the opposite direction of the heavy traffic.

Total fare: THB300

Generally, the drivers in the city centre speak little English and showing them a map may not be meaningful. Address/Destination written in Thai would be more helpful.

Starting fare seems to be about THB35.

If caught in the famous Bangkok's traffic jam, one may wish to reconsider destination and re-route to the nearest BTS or MRT station. Time saved (from sitting out a traffic jam) is more important for a tourist who has limited time in Bangkok. Generally, on the western side of Bangkok city are without the BTS skytrain and MRT.

In some tourist spots, there are many metered taxis awaiting but would only accept fixed fare price and would not accept metered fares.

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