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 Dịch Vụ Đón Tiễn Sân Bay Nội Bài
Hanoi Airport Transfers Service
 Di động: 098 698 2356
 Sân bay: Sân bay quốc tế Nội Bài (HAN)
 Email: HanoiAirportTransfer@gmail.com
 Hướng Dẫn Đặt Xe : Form đặt dịch vụ Hanoi Airport Transfers Service
 Văn phòng: B22 Chợ Phú Cường, Nội bài, Hanoi

  Route / Price valid until December 31, 2017

Car 4seats & Guide

Car 4seats & Guide

     Taxi 4seats      Taxi 7seats    
 Airport Drop Off: Hanoi to Noibai Airport 25 USD 30 USD         12 USD Hanoi Airport Transfers Service         15 USD Hanoi Airport Transfers Service
 Airport Pick-Up: Noibai Airport to Hanoi 31 USD 33 USD 18 USD
20 USD
 Hanoi City - Noibai Airport - Hanoi City 42 USD 45 USD 22 USD 25 USD
 Hanoi City tour full day (1day / 8hours) 75 USD 85 USD 55 USD 65 USD
 Hanoi City - Halong Bay, Bai Chay Beach 95 USD 106 USD 75 USD 86 USD
 Noibai International Airport to Halong Bay  106 USD 118 USD 86 USD 98 USD
 Hanoi - Bat Trang Ceramic Village - Hanoi 56 USD  66 USD 36 USD 46 USD
 Hanoi City - Perfume Pagoda - Hanoi City (1day) 88 USD 95 USD 68 USD 75 USD
 Hanoi City - Hoa Lu, Tam Coc - Hanoi City (1day) 88 USD 95 USD 68 USD 75 USD
 Hanoi - CucPhuong National Park - Hanoi (1day) 95 USD  106 USD 75 USD  86 USD


Noibai International Airport (HAN): There have been many troubles to guests, who call a taxi for transferring from Noibai Airport to Hanoi. Guests are sometimes charged too high or taken to wrong destinations. To avoid these troubles, please contact us. With experienced drivers, good cars and best services we will fulfill your requirements. Online Booking Form

♦ The rates in USD and per Car is not Per person.
♦ Book Now and your transfer will be confirmed within 24 hours.
♦ Car 4seats maximum 03 persons; Car 7seats maximum 05 persons
♦ The price is included all fees, You do not have to pay more for anything.
♦ When making a booking the client accept and agree with the following terms and conditions                             Have a Good Trip !

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